The Mill Brand Design

Bringing quality back to a value brand

THE CHALLENGE / Whilst having the best selling bolognese sauce in the category, the Raguletto range as a whole was underperforming. It needed to strengthen its value positioning, ensuring cheap didn’t feel like a compromise.

THE BRAND ASSETS / By creating a distinctive architecture for the brand and centralising the logo, consumers were able to see real choice at fixture through variant colour.

THE IMPACT / “The Mill approached us early on with a point of view on the brand. Their collaborative style and extensive branding and packaging knowledge delivered a great result for Raguletto, with volume sales showing a 20% increase overall in the first 3 months.”

Allen Hunt, Marketing Manager, Symingtons

Ragu Hero image.jpg
Raguletto old and new-01.jpg
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Raguletto Napolitana-01.jpg