The Mill Brand Design
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Our ethos

With over 20 years of packaging and branding experience gained in leading agencies in London, Sydney and Melbourne, we believe successful brands exhibit three core characteristics. These form the foundation of our ethos as well as our approach to every packaging project. Our methodology ensures you have the tools needed to grow your brand and work with other specialist agencies.

Successful brands stand out, they have a clear purpose, a voice and visual assets that allow them to meaningfully engage with their target audience. As part of our approach to packaging design we create and curate a brands visual assets, distilling the brand purpose into one place; the pack. It’s an art form.

Consistency enables brands to build trust and be recognisable. In today’s ever changing environment this has become even more important. In our packaging design process we create a set of brand assets to enable you to drive brand consistency across multiple touchpoints, in an ownable and unique way.

Whilst consistency is essential to establish a brands purpose and gain trust, this shouldn’t be confused with being rigid and unbending. Consumers need to be surprised and delighted to enable them to engage at a deeper, more emotional level. Brands need to be flexible, responsive and adaptive in a way that is authentic for them. Our approach gives you this agility now and for the future.

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