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Focusing on brand relevance

As I get a little older, birthdays aren’t quite the week-long celebration they used to be. Now it’s less about the gifts and more about quality time spent with loved ones. In saying that, there is something special about receiving a gift from someone who’s really thought about you. And it’s never about how much they’ve spent, it’s all about that warm fuzzy feeling you experience when someone 'gets' you.

And it’s these emotional connections that brands are trying to evoke in consumers every day.

Whilst the buzz in marketing is all about brand purpose, we can’t forget that brand relevance is a big part of getting brand purpose right. Understanding your audience at a deeper level, tapping into their needs, wants, dreams and frustrations is a powerful tool that perhaps gets lost or swept to one side as we focus on the ‘doing’.

Brand loyalty appears to be diminishing as consumers look for experiences and brands that fulfill their needs at specific moments. It is brand relevance that enables brands to adapt, flex and disrupt whilst still ensuring their consumer is at the centre of what they do.

So how do you ensure that your brand is relevant?

1.    BUILD AN AVATAR. Get inside the head of your consumer, walk their path, shop their brands, find a real life avatar, it helps you develop an empathy that can be powerful to drive a deeper connection.

2.    BE AUTHENTIC. In a bid to stay relevant don’t just jump into creating trend driven innovation, think about your brand and be authentic, ensuring your decisions align to your long-term brand strategy.

3.    CONSISTENCY BUILDS TRUST. Think consistency of message, it’s got to feel holistic and brand building, with every touchpoint working hard to be relevant to your audience.

4.    BE SUPRISING. Innovating, disrupting and surprising our audience is a key part of the relationship, you might not always get it right but avoiding taking any chances allows your competition the opportunity to get ahead.

Brands should look to continually earn and re-earn their place in the market and with their audience. Whilst some of your customers might still be purchasing your product, unless you are providing a relevant experience there is no brand loyalty.

Dr Maya Angelou sums it up perfectly. "They will forget what you said, they will forget what you did but they will never forget how you made them feel."

Claire Riley, Founder & Strategy Directory, The Mill Brand Design

Contact Claire if you would like to take advantage of her 20 plus years in the branding and packaging industry. With experience in the UK and Australia working on consumer goods brands, from cheese to gin and everything in between, Claire is passionate about creating unique brand assets that tell stories and increase the bottom line.

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